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Wedding Dreams in Tuscany - More On Our Italian Wedding Planners

What the press and public are saying about them:

Excerpt translation from Living Lucca a bi-monthly Italian Tourism and Culture publication~ February, 2008 Issue


Wedding Planners
You Will Find They Are Indispensable… Especially if you hire Franchi and Sechi…

If you dream of getting married in Italy and live far away chances are you don’t have the time or resources to find a caterer, the perfect location, bomboniere (wedding favors), floral arrangements, and invitations, or work out the myriad details surrounding a wedding. You need not worry as Claudia Sechi and Samanta Franchi, experienced wedding planners and owners of l’Evento, an event-planning company in Lucca, Tuscany, can do it all for you.

In Italy, the number of wedding planners has exploded over the past five years and they’re now an essential component of the most “chic” weddings. Planners take care of all details, from the bridal gown to guest transportation, musical entertainment, hair and make-up and so much more.

Samanta and Claudia can help you choose from the numerous delightful possibilities Tuscany offers, and will guide you along each step of the way. They believe that you shouldn’t be stressed and completely overwhelmed in the weeks and months leading up to your idyllic “I do’s!”

Claudia and Samanta are uniquely qualified to help you take care of even the minutest detail when planning the wedding of your dreams.

Their philosophy is to take an exclusive locale, and combine it with tasteful, elegant decorations, all to a stunning effect. Their talents lie in their ability to successfully interpret the bride’s desires and personality, in creative and original ways.

These planners pay particular attention to the well being of guests—whether in a villa, castle, private residence…and even when the bride and groom select very natural, rustic settings as their ideal location.
Great care is taken with regards to choosing table settings, linens, decorations, and color themes. And in keeping with their commitment to honor long-standing Italian wedding customs, fine, authentic seasonal cuisine is paired with the best local wines for the traditional wedding feast. The bride and groom can rest assured that the tasteful, elegant solutions recommended by these planners will help turn the couple’s ideas into an original and unforgettable event.

L’Evento is based in a world-famous location, renowned for its beauty and cultural riches. Claudia and Samanta have organized numerous weddings in Tuscany. They know how to take full advantage of the marvelous scenery, of the many villas, limonaie (traditional indoor lemon gardens), and historical palaces this region offers.

Many couples have entrusted these knowledgeable ladies with their wedding planning and include such VIP clients as television producers, American investment-bankers, members of European nobility, and noted entrepreneurs.

In addition to weddings, Claudia and Samanta are available to plan any type of ‘special’ events…whether for several hundred people or simply you and a friend. They shared with us the story of a birthday celebration they recently organized for the wife of an American client… For this special occasion, they rented a large historic residence in the Tuscan hills and arranged a candlelight dinner accompanied by a string quartet. Dinner was followed by a ballet in the music room performed by a world-famous ballerina. (The wife is a huge fan of ballet so her husband wanted an unforgettable evening for his bride.) The owners of l’Evento meticulously plan each part of any event, whether simple or elaborate.

Soon they will be organizing the wedding of a well-known Tuscan businessman at his hunting lodge and there will be many surprises…

They promised to provide us with details after this event.

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