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Serenella's Tuscany Products:

The Ultimate Tuscany Wedding Guide

Plan Your Dream Wedding in the Land of Romance

A step-by-step guide: Discover Italy’s unique wedding traditions; learn how to navigate the Byzantine bureaucracy and create your own unforgettable occasion. This Ebook educates you and holds your hand through the following:

  • Documentation requirements

  • Types of ceremonies

  • Food, music, photography/videography flowers and much, much more

  • Family and guest considerations

  • Before and after events

  • Wedding Favors

  • Accommodation considerations

  • Budget expectations/ payment modalities

  • Cultural factors

  • And much, much more...

Includes Bonus Sections on useful links, travel tips and wedding planner contacts.

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The Ultimate Tuscany Villa Rental Guide

The Ultimate Tuscany Villa Rental Guide

The 21 Most Important Things to Know Before You Sign that Villa Rental Agreement  

As far as I know, this is the only guide of its kind and includes wonderful bonus sections on:

  • Villa renter's do's and don'ts and other stress-saving tips
  • Villa rental FAQ section
  • Travel Tips Bonus guide to the different areas of Tuscany, including history, sites, food, wine, festivals, links and more

Includes bonus sections on the different towns of Tuscany, food, wine, festivals, useful links, travel tips and more…

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Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in Italy

Are You Ready to Move to the Land of Sun, Sea and Romance?

Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in Italy Are You Ready to Move to the Land of Sun, Sea and Romance? An Explanation of the Italian Property Purchasing Process plus a Humorous and Honest Look at What It’s Really Like to Live in Italy!  

Bonus Sections:
Travel Tips
Useful Links

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Other Italian Products and Resources:

Italy From The Inside

Italy From The Inside

The Definitive Survival Guide for Travelers

So you’ve read all the guidebooks. You know where to go, what to see, and what to eat. But what about the everyday situations that leave non-Italians so perplexed? Download FREE Chapter

  • How do you catch the right train?
  • What are the top items to bring home from your trip?
  • What are the different types of eateries?
  • What should you remember when shopping for clothing?

With humor and plenty of "real life" photos, this handy volume will get you ready for your trip like no other guidebook can.

This eBook contains more than 350+ tips and 190+ original photos to help you navigate Europe's classic destination like a local.


Forzieri Italia

Forzieri Italia

Forzieri is based in Florence, Italy the Worldwide famous center for Italian Fashion Design, exquisite leather goods, fine jewelry, high-class elegant creations and decorative objects: ranging from the biggest fashion houses to local craftsmanship.  The products offered at Forzieri are suited to all tastes, all ages and styles: on Forzieri.com you can be sure to find what you are searching for, from the latest runway trends to classic truly timeless pieces or, if you want something unique and exclusive with an individual character, you can choose one of our quality hand-made items produced by small to medium size manufacturers who are on the leading edge for style uniqueness and unmatchable quality.

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La Gondola

La Gondola is a store of carefully selected fine Italian products and has been selling via Internet, phone, fax, email and since 1997.

The different product categories are similar in their fine quality and in the attention paid to small details which have made the Italian style famous worldwide. Very fast delivery - all shipments are either by Air mail or by Express courier with delivery within 48 hours in most countries around the world.

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Travel Italy - Maps from Our Heritage

Travel Italy - Maps from Our Heritage

If you're traveling to Italy or researching your families' roots in Italy, the best tool you'll find are the excellent full-color topographical maps sold by Travel Italy - Maps from Our Heritage. These maps are produced by the same company that supplies the official Italian government maps.

View these great maps now


Wine.com, the #1 online wine store since 1998

Our mission is to become the trusted resource for the wine enthusiast, whether shopping for yourself or sending a gift. We strive to offer you a great selection, low prices, convenient delivery and information that helps you enjoy wine with confidence.

Originally founded in 1998 as eVineyard.com, we purchased the Wine.com name in 2001 and have grown into the #1 online wine store by annual revenues, (source: Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide). We’ve served millions of customers, from casual enthusiasts to collectors to Fortune 100 companies.

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Toscana Mia and Amazon offer you a wealth of resources to make your travel even more enjoyable and informative!

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Travel Resources

Travel Links

These links contain general information about traveling in Italy:


Find your favorite movies, cookbooks or guide books on Tuscany/Italy. Or, view Serenella’s Recommendations:

Classic Italian Movies:

Bread and Chocolate
Christ Stopped at Eboli
Cinema Paradiso
Divorce, Italian Style
Il Postino

Il Posto

Germany Year Zero


La Dolce Vita

La Notte

La Terra Trema
Life is Beautiful

Le Notti Bianche

Nights of Cabiria
Open City

The Bicycle Thief

The Children Are Watching Us

The Garden of the Finzi Contini

The Leopard
The Night of the Shooting Stars

The Tree of Wooden Clogs
The Seduction of Mimi

Umberto D

More Movies Featuring Italy:

A Brief Vacation

Bread and Tulips

Caterina in the Big City

Ciao Professore

Dangerous Beauty
Enchanted April

Facing Windows

Family Flaw

His Secret Life


Miracle at Saint Anna
Only You
The Pink Panther
Roman Holiday

Remember Me, My Love
Room With A View
Talented Mr. Ripley
Tea With Mussolini
Under the Tuscan Sun

Interesting Reading (Classics):

Books by Leonardo Sciascia
Books or plays by Luigi Pirandello
Bread and Wine

The Agony and the Ecstasy

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
The Decameron
The Inferno
The Lives of the Artists
The Prince


More Interesting Reading:

Living in a Foreign Language

Miracle at Sant’Anna

Playing for Pizza

The Broker

The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany

The Reluctant Tuscan

Travelers’ Tales Tuscany: True Stories
Under the Tuscan Sun


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