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Tuscany, Italy ToursTuscany Tour Consulting

Toscana Mia offers personalized vacation planning based on your interests and possibilities:

  • Have you always dreamed of taking a trip to Tuscany (or Italy in general) but don't know how to go about planning it?

  • What's your Tuscany Tour preference?

  • The mountains or the seashore?

  • The countryside and picturesque villages or magnificent cities and museums?

  • Romantic settings or historical monuments?

  • Sumptuous meals in elegant restaurants or simple picnics?

  • A relaxed pace or days packed with around-the-clock activities?

  • Quaint bed and breakfasts or a five-star hotels?

  • Professionally-guided, organized tours or exploring leisurely on your own?

Grazie for everything.  Italy is the best with you along - Margaret, Hillsbourough, CAPerhaps you're seeking activities or destinations that are oriented towards specific hobbies, or interests such as cooking, art, wine collecting, architecture, music, sailing, skiing, or bicycling . . . or you just want to know the straight scoop on such things as the best local restaurants, worthwhile sights and events, or where real honest-to-goodness bargains can be found?

Wherever your interests may lie, we take the worry and guessing out of planning your trip to Italy. Serenella has planned unique Italian itineraries for people for the last 10 years, drawing upon her many years of experience living and working in Italy. She'll use her expertise and a wide network of contacts in Italy to custom-tailor a perfect itinerary for you-designed specifically to your tastes, schedule, and budget! Please Contact us for Tuscany trip consulting information and fees.



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